Ruthless​/​Toothless EP

by Fucked Teeth

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Fucked Teeth's 1st EP...Spring 2014.


released May 12, 2014

Recorded at Snake Mountain Studio, Pine Hill NJ
Tracked by Crackpipe (



all rights reserved


Fucked Teeth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fucked Teeth began their campaign of poorly orchestrated, dental malpractice technically as early as 2007. Fucked Teeth's Philly lineup consisted of Matt, Rosie, Matt and Byron. Matt 1 and Rosie are planning to continue playing shows based out of Georgia/Florida in the future. If you want them to play your house or fuck your face anywhere they will get there and make it happen! ... more

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Track Name: fucked teeth
fucked teeth
my bones are fallin' out my head
fucked teeth
spitting brown and red
starting a revolution
decompose evolution
forcefeed you my pollution
fucked teeth
my brains numb and i'm a dope
fucked teeth
i don't think i have any hope
i don't think i could care less
i got a reason to stress
rock 'n roll it makes me fret less
no i won't take it easy
you bastards make me queasy
i'm crazy you're just sleazy
Track Name: drink/hate
yeah life sucks
smash the windows
kick down the doors
piss on the floors
find some hipsters
run their pockets
find their fixed gear
double lock it
find some crust punks
shit on their face
roofie their beers
haha hate rape
Track Name: shell of a ghost
all the kids are dying
and everything i'm buyin'
keeps me alive yeah it keeps me the same
me and my friends yeah we're fuckin' insane
try to stick together
but that depends on whether
we make it out this place
we're gonna make it out alive
i got a little money man i can see the light

never down and out my friend
never need to have that lesson again
think fast the riptides coming
listen to the words its humming
calling your name
draining your veins
relax its almost over
comatose and sinking lower
hell of a joke
shell of a ghost

the entertainment biz is happy
cause now the kids are laughing
don't ask why don't wanna get locked up
they're always going to the shrink never getting hopped up
the mom's at the schools are screaming
look what the kids are reading
keep them away behind this big white fence
and the hell at the door ain't gonna make an entrance
Track Name: yeyeyeyeyeyeh
i go to work today with my head on straight
my patience waring thin
before i hit the door, you say hit the floors
but in so many words the point is lost on me
i think i'll shut you up
yeyeyeyeyeyeh, yeyeyeyeyeyeh
spill it don't kill it
tellin' me what the deal is
like i'm listenin' at your leisure
your time's running out the meter
thinkin' about a move on the northern side of town
i gotta eat so i hit the streets
revived my girl today and they're giving us the boot
think i care what you got to say?
zip or ship it
tellin' me how to rip it
get lost kick rocks
fuck you dick head boss
Track Name: cum nodd
do the cum nodd:
get that laid-back feelin'
feels like your heart stopped beatin'

when you feel like giving up
you squint & you're limp
it's a sad and jaded fuck
you just need a little push
muscle up
light speed round until it comes up

my jive is wrong when i'm standin' up
i feel there is no hope
no matter how hard the suck
i take it in my hand and squeeze
look at that cutie on her knees
then go rough til we got some fluff
Track Name: brain fried and dead inside
looks so serene as i stare into a wall
mouthful of pills i've forgotten i've taken them all
they were to pay the bills
took me for a ride
got me all fuckin' torn up inside
took me for a spin
got all fuckin' under my skin
i been thru a lotta bullshit but in the end i always

just tryin' to get by
half fuckin' alive
brain fried and dead inside

looks so divine as i stare into a line
pure white chinese fuckin' waste of my time
oh how i'd ever like to indulge
oh how i wish that my pockets would bulge
itchy sweaty and hot
certified psycho fuckin' zombienaut
i been thru a world of cash but in the end i always
win it
Track Name: fucking the gun
hey son can i have a word with you
it seems you've come a long way
but we just don't get the things you do
is it really worth it?
when all is said and done
you'll never get it fucking the gun
lemme answer your question with another one
did i ever really have a choice?
did you go to law school to become a nun?
i play the cards i'm dealt
i'm fucked but fucked's what sells
you'll never get it fucking myself
we all make sacrifices
give up what half our life is
yeah money, it confines
even when you don't turn to crime
you chose your path
and now you gotta change your act
it's stressful on the run
goes way thicker than fun
you'll never get it
fucking the gun
Track Name: nothing ever happens to me
i feel i've paid my dues, you're doin' something cool,
sometimes i wish people bad, they can't have what i don't have
guess i'll sleep well tonight, i've put up quite a fight, wish it were all for punk, but i've just crawled out of a pile of junk
i'm gettin' too old to die young/ don't wanna meet the grave
i now have aspirations, but there's a draw to misbehave
i wanna leave this city, take a trip to somewhere pretty,
did you hear the news?we won two tickets to an abominable snooze
i want a vacation,tired of vacate and run, so much under the sun,
maybe it could please someone,you dicks are not like me,
nothing in life is free, maybe it worked for you, nothing in life is true